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PostSubject: HOW DO YOU BARTER? PLEASE READ   Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:16 pm

There are some that are new to bartering..

Its basically simple, you trade your goods and/or services to someone else for their goods and/or services.

You can post what you are willing to trade and barter. In your post, you can put what you are seeking. If someone is interested, they will email you. **Be sure to include your email addy in your post.

I have done many barters in the past. I am a massage therapist and I have bartered my services for haircuts and coloring, artwork, and gifts for my husbands birthday. Bartering is a great way to trade services for items or services that you are wanting.

So there are several things you can barter would be surprised--try it out for yourself.

Keep it legal, do not post anything that is illegal-that will make me delete the post immediately and ban your membership. If you email someone and agree to a barter with them, please keep up your end of the barter. Your barter agreement is between you and the person that you made the agreement with. This forum (nor I) are/is NOT responsible if someone or you do not follow thru with the barter.

But please, follow thru with your bartering agreement. Bartering can be a wonderful way to trade goods and services.
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