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 Trading Rules! PLEASE READ!

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PostSubject: Trading Rules! PLEASE READ!   Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:04 pm

Lets keep trades simple, OK?

If you make a trade, please follow thru on your end. You and the person that you trade with need to email each other. Decide what you are trading and each of you need to mail each other your trades quickly (lets say within 48 hours) so that there are not any hard feeling.

If you want to be nice, provide the person you are trading with a tracking # to prove that you have shipped your end of the trade if the item being shipped is larger than an envelope. I recommend it.

Please DO NOT accept a trade if you are the type of person that doesnt follow thru with things or do things in a timely manner. That is not fair to the person that is following thru on their end.

Lets be legit with this. This is a way for us to recycle our stuff to someone else who can use it.

queen Rochelle
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Trading Rules! PLEASE READ!
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