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 Ayurveda for schizophrenia

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PostSubject: Ayurveda for schizophrenia   Ayurveda for schizophrenia EmptySat Sep 17, 2011 8:07 am

Remember the 2001 Hollywood film, A beautiful Mind? It is the story of the famous economist John Nash, who had won Nobel Prize for Economics. The film beautifully depicts his hallucinations and his efforts to overcome the disease, schizophrenia. Another film dealing with the life and delusional experiences of a schizophrenic was released in 2010 and it was named Karthik calling Karthik.

These films might have revealed to you the problems and the sufferings of schizophrenic patients, in case you were not aware of it before. The patients of this mental disorder are often the victims of hallucinations and strange delusions and there happens degeneration in their thinking process which in turn affects their emotional quotient.

In Ayurveda, this disease is called Unmaada and the Ayurvedic practitioners attribute it mostly to mental stress and strain and they address all the psychic problems of the patient. They advise the patients to follow a strict diet and to avoid pungent and fried food items. The friends and family would be asked to try to keep the patients in a pleasant, happy atmosphere.Treatments like dhara and panchakarma, which are available at all ayurvedic resorts kerala as part of the rejuvenating therapy, are also used for treating this mental illness. Many other Ayurvedic therapies too are included to bring back the mental and emotional balance of the patients. Yoga therapies including pranayama are also employed in the treatment for this psychic disorder.
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Ayurveda for schizophrenia
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