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 Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons?

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Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons? Empty
PostSubject: Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons?   Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons? EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 4:44 pm

I have 10 white 18 count and 1 blue 12 count stryofoam egg cartons. They are clean, don't smell, etc.

I was saving them to take to Farmer's Market to recycle but couldn't find egg vendor...anyway, I thought one of you might be a teacher or have kids that could use them for crafts.

Just let me know!

Michelle flower
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Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons? Empty
PostSubject: egg cartons   Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons? EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 9:33 am

I have been using my egg cartons to plant seeds in and start my plants (seedlings) growing in...just remember to punch a few drainage holes in the bottom with a toothpick..

**just hoping to help you to use your egg cartons instead of throwing them away...
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Anybody need stryofoam egg cartons?
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