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PostSubject: Stockpiling   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:18 am

Feel free to add any additional tips that you may have.

Stockpiling will make you re-think about your pantry and your storage areas in your home. If you have limited storage areas, you may need to consider getting space from your garage, shed, under your bed, in closets, ect...My last home didnt have good storage places in the house and I did store toothpaste, lotion and toiletries under the bed in storage containers.

Currently, I have spice racks on the walls to hold my spices so I have the shelves for other things. Stockpiling will make you re-think about the space that you have in your home and how to make the best use of it.

Never turn someone down if they offer you shelving!! Take it and use it somewhere for your stockpiles! It may be for the garage or the pantry...but it will be helpful.

Start stocking up on containers that you can use for storage. I have all types of containers in my pantry...everything from containers from the dollar store to old large pickle jars (they are clean-of course) to hold a certain product that I have in my stockpile. My friend Sam has a relative who works in the school cafeteria and they bring her the old peanut butter containers-they are the perfect size and have a screw on top!

Example- I have lots of jars full of electrasol gel-pacs..I got at least 40 boxes of electrasol gel packs for free (maybe even more than 40) but they took up too much space. It was more space effective for me to open up each box and take out the gel-tabs and put them into containers. Sam is using the peanut butter containers for this same purpose too.. They took up less space and they are available when I need them. I do this with many things.

You can always trade part of your stockpile with someone else for part of theirs. (this is always helpful) I have been lucky in the past to have great neighbors and usually they will have extra freezer space. I will fill up my freezer and when I am all full, I will ask to use part of theirs and offering them at least half of what I store in their freezer for their trouble. It has always worked out well for me (even tho, it is a bit funny-ha).
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