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 Come on,let's learn something you don't know

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PostSubject: Come on,let's learn something you don't know   Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:10 pm

What’s RPET bags
RPET is a sort of new material which collect from waste bottles,that bottles we can see everywhere,like water,juice and soda bottles.Factory use them make RPET(Recycle PET) fabric,then the factory use RPET fabric to produce bags

The benefit of RPET bags
RPET bag is most eco-friendly bag which can recycle and reuse
By the way,most of people think reusable shopping bag mean we can use them several times,but I don’t think so,I think reusable shopping bag should be like RPET bags that can use permanently.

What we should mention
1.we should take care of it,even it’s a durable bag it will break down
2.we should clean them regular,forbid the germ
3.we should remember take them when we go to grocery

The brands of RPET bag
2.Chico bags
3.Reuseit bags
4.Sea Bags
6.My own Bag
These brands are popular,I believe they are fashional and durabe

There are so many crisis occur in our world because disposable bags,I hope each of us could do our best to protect the environment right now, let’s make the world more beautiful
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Come on,let's learn something you don't know
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