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 Austin TX local freebies

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PostSubject: Austin TX local freebies   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:05 am

If you know of any other local freebies in the Austin area, post them!!

Here are a few:


Caution is advised in using this guide because individual restaurants and stores (even in the same chain) may have different policies. People, people, please touch base with these businesses before you try to binge on birthday freebies. My research taught me that some birthday perk programs are short-lived and many of the assumed birthday freebies may no longer exist when your birthday rolls around.

I am sure I missed a few birthday bonuses (and if I have, merchants, please let me know for a follow-up). It never hurts to mention your birthday in a retail setting. You may be rewarded with a song, free drink, dessert or coupon. At the very least you will be wished "Happy Birthday!"

Some merchants help you celebrate with discount packages for groups (e.g. AMF Showplace Lanes and Amy's Pony Rides for kids, Dave & Buster's for adults, Laser Tag of Austin for everyone). Some offer coupons for the birthday boy or girl's return visit (e.g. Malibu Grand Prix). A few merchants, such as Zookeeper and Herpeton, educate you and your guests during a birthday party. What little boy wouldn't want tarantulas and lizards as guests? Nice, but nothing beats a free something just for you, the birthday soul.

So grab your date book, your ID and hit the streets, Austin; lots of merchants want to help you celebrate your birthday!

How big is that rib?
Nearly 6 feet long.

That's the big rib seen in the photos of County Line birthday diners. After your friends treat you to a late-night barbecue dinner and you down a bowl of birthday ice cream (candles optional), the County Line staff poses birthday folks with a Texas hat and the big rib (finally, photographic evidence that you are what you eat!).

Not to rush, but the day is wearing on and it is time to drop by the Posse East, 2900 Duval St., for a free pitcher of beer if it is your 21st birthday or a free pint if you are older.

All the free food and drink should be allowed to digest while you are seated at Esther's Follies, 525 E. Sixth St. No free admission on your birthday, but your name will be part of the famous Patsy Cline number ("She's Got You"). Give them advance notice by calling ahead. Quite a day!

Change vehicles and take that off-road car to Genie Car Wash, 7320 Burnet Road, for a discounted car wash (just $1 for a car wash, not bad).

Once your car is showered and buffed, you might consider driving it to Trudy's Texas Star Cafe for a complimentary house margarita, beer or shot (21 years or older with a valid Texas driver's license or I.D.) or a dessert after your Tex-Mex meal.

But perhaps you prefer Lone Star Cafe, all locations, for a free dessert or a free slice of brownie bottom pie at Bennigan's, 301 Barton Springs Road, where the waiters cause all sorts of commotion for a birthday. Is your chocolate palate very sophisticated? Drop by Trianon — the Coffee Place (all locations) for a free piece of imported or fine domestic chocolate from the chocolate case on your big day.

Want cream with that?

The free, small cup of coffee from Anderson's Coffee Co., 1601 W. 38th St., on your birthday is a good start to the day. Make that a "to go" cup because you are on your way to pick up a free 3-by-3 inch pillar candle (any scent) from the Candle Factory in Georgetown, 4411 S. Interstate 35. No time to admire the candle since you are headed for Finish Line Car Wash, 2900 Bee Cave Road, for a free turbo car wash.

While your fenders are being gently massaged and scrubbed, muse about where to buy lunch. Should you go to Kerbey Lane Cafe, 3704 Kerbey Lane, where your birthday meal is finished with a complimentary slice of chocolate or carrot cake? Or perhaps you are more in the mood for lunch at International House of Pancakes, 901 E. Koenig Lane, complete with the free big birthday brownie topped with ice cream, nuts and a cherry? Note that the IHOP dessert is sometimes accompanied by a staff song reminding you and the entire restaurant that "someone here is getting old."

Like to be serenaded? Then TGI Fridays, 111 E. Cesar Chavez St., is the place. Your birthday lunch is followed by a gratis dessert and a waitstaff song.

Buddy, can you spare a strike?

Bowling league members are rewarded on their birthdays with two free games by Highland Lanes, 8909 Burnet Road. Bowling helps work off at least one dessert. But if your sweet tooth is still singing a siren's song, then Lammes Candies (any location) will reward you for living another year with a free chewy praline. (Hey, these guys sell over 3 billion a year.) And do not forget to pick up a little treasure from the Terra Toys toy chest, 1706 S. Congress Ave., or the birthday treasure chest at Toy Joy, 2900 Guadalupe St. (You did remember to sign up for the birthday club ahead of time at Toy Joy to get your pick from the treasure chest, didn't you? It's free.)

If your blood sugar drops, run by Texas French Bread (any location) and wrap your lips around a free slice of birthday cake. Yum.

Can you take a little more off the sides?

A half-price hair cut from Super Cuts (any location) gets you set for party pics on your birthday. Once coiffed, stop by Celebration, 108 W. 43rd St., for a free votive candle and holder or a crystal pouch and small healing stone. But do not dawdle as you have an appointment at Bellina's Beauty Bar, 904 W. 12th St., for a pedicure and a manicure (the manicure is free when you book both on your b-day).

Prefer to paint your own nails? Then the Beauty Store (any location) will give you a free bottle of OPI nail polish on your birthday with any other purchase
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PostSubject: Some restaurants mentioned here may have gone out of business.   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:47 am

Unfortunately some Denny's restaurants and Bennigans have closed their

So lets find other restaurants and patronize them, so they do not go out of business. flower flower

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Austin TX local freebies
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