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 cookin' for dogs

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PostSubject: cookin' for dogs   Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:08 pm

I have mentioned this before but its worth talking about again.

On sundays, I usually cook a big breakfast for Tommy (DH) and I. But the dogs also get a little something special too. For them, I make what we affectionally call "Poodle Surprise". Its never the same thing twice.

I take leftovers from the past week that were not eaten. Make sure its all bite sized. And only after I have made our breakfast, I put all the leftovers in a pan and cook it with egg..its basically a leftover egg scramble.

This sundays poodle surprise consisted of left over veggie burger, potatoes and steak....scrambled with egg. And if there are left over veggies, they always get added in too. One of our dogs needs meds twice a day for seizures, so its really easy to hide the meds in this.

lol! You know its especially good if they growl at eat other while they eat-ha. They never ever fight over food tho (which is nice)-its just funny to hear them growl even tho they do not eat right next to each other.

THEY LOVE IT and it really just cost pennies to make!! And its a great way to get them to eat some veggies and I know that its healthy.

bounce If I do not do 'poodle surprise', I will put it all in a pot and add chicken or veggie broth and make a soup out of it-yeah, "Poodle Soup".
They really like that too and it lasts for a few they get to have that more than once.
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PostSubject: cooking for the boys   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:14 pm

We have two German Short Hair Pointers. We mix some canned food with their kibble every day. When I have leftovers I do the same as Rochelle. Chop it up, mix it and substitute it for the canned food. I use rice, pasta, couscous ,veggies, meat, fish, a little olive oil for their skin, pretty much what is left that we will not use. I also use leftover soup ( I watch for too many onions) over their kibble. They love it, I am using leftovers and not using the canned dog food but still giving Rem and Yaz something they love to eat.
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cookin' for dogs
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